• Your business faces a challenge — cutting through the noise to retain customers. Using the wrong tools or tactics to reach customers can cost you time, money and customer trust. 

  • SMS MARKETING is about customer retention... getting one time customers to come back to your business over and over again. Most businesses focus only on customer acquisition, and that's why they struggle. 

  • Open rates for SMS is around 90% - Email around 10%. So therefore you can easily see the huge benefits of SMS Marketing against Email Marketing.


  • SMS marketing is the future. It's here right now and it's vital that your business doesn’t get left behind. It's a very powerful form of marketing that has the power to double your business. You'll actually be amazed how cost effective SMS MARKETING is against other advertising mediums.

  • Business owners often struggle with the thought of offering deep discounts or even giving something away for free. It's important to think into the future and understand the real value of what you're getting in return. You may give something away for free, but in exchange, patrons of your business are giving you explicit permission to send specials and information to their personal communication devices. So, think about how much that free item or discount costs you and compare it to the value of a direct information pipeline to your best customers. The benefits will clearly stack in your favor. 

  • To maximize your opt-in rates, the offer must be something that can be immediately redeemed or used after sign up. When looking to grow your list, instant rewards are key. Some business owners think that if the offer doesn't apply to the current visit, it will motivate patrons to come back soon. While that may be true, depending on how great your offer is, less people will then be willing to join your SMS marketing list on the spot. The bottom line is that every  text message confirming a list subscription should provide a valuable offer on the spot.  example > 10% off your bill.

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